• Without accurate information you can’t make decisions.
  • Without respect in the industry you can’t be an insider.
  • Without a documented track record and real world experience you haven’t seen it before.
  • Without proactive, focused marketing you are not targeting the right buyer for your aircraft.
  • Without all of the above you are wasting your time.

At Jet Sense Aviation, LLC we are all about aircraft. That’s what we love and that’s what we do. Our team at Jet Sense Aviation, LLC has the experience, peer respect and track record to handle your Aircraft Sale, Acquisition or Consultancy from start to finish, in a professional manner, while giving you the peace of mind that you have some of the best in the business working on your behalf. Our experience of hundreds of completed transactions, diligent in house market research and market knowledge, an eat-and-sleep-it understanding of the markets and our many developed and trusted relationships throughout the industry, make us the people who you can trust to get the job done.

Formal educational backgrounds aside, we are real world trained and streetwise savvy aircraft sales, brokerage, acquisition and consultancy specialists. Our real world and lengthy transactional experience allows our team to anticipate things before they happen, keeping our clients ahead at all times. Our clients can be confident that things will be handled correctly and in their best interests.

Aircraft are expensive and complex, yet thrilling and wonderful business and personal tools that require proper management from the beginning, and if not handled properly can become an expensive liability. We are here to guide you through the process. Our goal is to minimize the things that make the process painful and maximize your return on your investment: we make all aspects which are important in a transaction our priority whether we are on the buy side or sell side.


We know that the processes to buy or sell an aircraft are different for each and every transaction and we adapt based on the circumstances of each deal. With that mind, what will remain in place at all times is what you will get from us:

  • Detailed, accurate, real time information.
  • Comprehensive market canvassing, advertising and marketing. While we cover the market from a passive point ( i.e., Internet, sales websites, publications, and other forms of media), our proactive marketing style has a much higher success rate. It is more time consuming and far more detailed, but by contacting those most likely buyers and sellers of a certain make and model of aircraft, we generate significantly more qualified leads, which means better sales prices in a shorter period of time, and better value on an aircraft acquisition.
  • Unbiased opinions and objective advice.
  • A complete service: We are with you from the start to the end and our involvement frees up your time.
  • We qualify any and all prospects.
  • We handle everything from the marketing to the delivery.
  • Organize pre-buys, demos, viewings, closings and deliveries.
  • We understand the processes, we anticipate the issues, and identify the risks.
  • We know our competitive aircraft, which aircraft have sold recently, which ones are under contract and why, and what is coming to the market.
  • We surround ourselves with the best in the business, so that when it comes to financing, insurance, tax issues or questions, pilots, maintenance, pre-buys and management we can put you in a position to make confident decisions.
  • We don’t assume anything.
  • Proactive marketing: Targeting the people or groups who are most likely to buy your type of aircraft affords you the opportunity to get the best possible price in the shortest period of time.


Brett Forrester
CEO & President

Brett Forrester, born in South Africa, was raised in the aviation industry. His father headed the country’s largest aviation company, and is widely considered the person who set the bench mark for aircraft sales combined with unparalleled customer service. In addition his brother owns an Aviation Financing and Insurance company. With the combination of aviation genes, his early start in aviation, broad international knowledge, 20 plus years of aircraft transactions and a wealth of resources to draw from, Brett brings a documented track record to the table.

In 1994, Brett joined General Aviation Services’ market research department, under the watchful eye of NARA (National Aircraft Resale Association) co-founder Dan Dickinson. In his 19 years at General Aviation Services, he has completed, was involved in or consulted in over 300 transactions which included everything from a light turbo prop to an Intercontinental Jet.

In 2013, Brett founded Jet Sense Aviation, LLC, realizing his vision of an Aircraft Sales, Acquisition, Brokerage and Consulting firm. He believes the delivery of a smooth transaction and ensuring an outstanding experience for each and every client, starts with accurate market information, and is bound together with passion and integrity. Being both a pilot and having seen every facet of an aircraft transaction, Brett has a unique understanding of how to navigate through the complexities of an aircraft transaction. With the experience Brett has, the resources available to him, and the relationships he has in the industry, he is able to give his clients very detailed insight into the General, Private and Corporate Aviation markets.Brett graduated from the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa with a degree in Commerce, majoring in Economics and Business Science.

Office: (847) 550-4660 Ext.12
Cell Phone: (847) 910-6846


Heather Wolff Griffin
COO & General Counsel

Prior to assuming her current position with Jet Sense Aviation, LLC, Heather Wolff Griffin gained over twenty years of experience in the legal field. Heather started her career in a support staff role working with the in-house counsel of Underwriters Laboratories Inc., a global independent safety company headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois, followed by working as a Paralegal for a now Cook County Judge for approximately six years. After earning her J.D. from IIT-Chicago Kent College of Law, Heather worked as an Associate for the largest law firm in her home county before accepting a position as Corporate Counsel for a healthcare management company in Chicago, where she devoted her time and skills for just over 10 years providing counseling on various issues including commercial transactions, employment matters, internal investigations, litigation, policies & procedures, risk management, corporate compliance, etc., and was appointed & acted as the organization’s HIPAA Privacy Officer.

Over the years, Heather has been a member of numerous associations, including most recently Defense Research Institute and Association of Corporate Counsel. Heather has also been a licensed insurance producer in the State of Illinois since 1998.

As COO and General Counsel, Heather works closely with Jet Sense Aviation, LLC’s CEO, Brett Forrester, to develop the company’s overall strategic planning process, implement initiatives, and serve to make the company’s vision a reality, while also having operational responsibility including assisting the sales and acquisition team in delivering measurable, cost-effective results to its clients in a timely manner. Heather loves to travel with her Husband, a Manager for a global pharmaceutical company, and is thrilled to be part of the aviation industry.

Office: (847) 550-4660 Ext. 11
Cell Phone: (815) 814-9444


Pat Mitchell
Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions

Pat Mitchell started flying airplanes before he could drive a car. At 18 he obtained his Private Pilot license where he attended Saint Louis University (Parks College of Engineering and Aviation). After receiving a degree in Aeronautical Science with minor in Business Administration he spent 4 years in a technical sales role in the Chicagoland area.

His passion for aviation led him here where he is able to apply what he learned flying with what he has learned in a competitive sales and consulting field. Having received his Multi-engine and Commercial Airplane certificates, he understands the various technicalities that go into each and every aircraft.

Pat is responsible for making accurate assessments of aircrafts current market values as well as a role in aircraft sales and brokering. He resides in Chicago and enjoys his time on his boat, spending time with family or working on his golf swing.

Office: (847) 550-4660 Ext. 13
Cell Phone: (847) 409-1675


We are proud of the fact that we come highly referred. Full copies of the referrals from the excerpts below are available at anytime. Please contact us for this.

“Of all the transactions we have done in the past, the recent 900EX transaction demonstrated the depth of your market knowledge, expertise and ability to think outside the box”
– J P Fourie, Executive Director, NAC

“You had mentioned that achieving the best price is about matching the aircraft to the buyer, and your proactive marketing style found us the right buyer”
– Ed Forst, Aviation Director, Duchosissois Group

“The importance and accuracy of the market information you bring to a sale process has been invaluable to me and my clients”
– Steve Anderson, CEO, Elite Jet

“I have found first-rate customer service to be the exception rather than the norm. Brett, you and your team meet the standard of service that I insist upon”
– Duane Bluemke, now flying in his 5th aircraft handled by Brett Forrester

“We cannot understate the value of your availability and commitment to keeping us well informed throughout the process and commend you on your excellent customer Service”
– Vice President, Fortune 500 company