Do you want to understand things better? Do you want to know what your aircraft is valued at? What does the market look like? Will someone finance me? How many aircraft are for sale in a certain make and model? You may have a whole lot of questions or just one. 
You can speak to us. It’s not going to cost you anything and at the end of it we hope that you are empowered to make decisions.

Our Market Intelligence does not come from books, or publications, or stats or averages. It comes from being in the market every day, speaking to people that trust us and will talk more freely than if they didn’t know us. It comes from actual aircraft owners, verified sales numbers, from reliable brokers within the market and from institutions that have the capital to make things happen.

Our information can help you with the value of your aircraft, we can compare aircraft operation costs and calculate hourly rates with or without charter, or we can figure out how far you can fly out of certain airfields, and a lot more. Anytime you want to know what we know, please call us and we will happily give you our window on the aviation world.

Being on the inside of any given industry is one of the keys to first-hand unpublished information and opportunities. There are always things happening off market that present opportunities for buyers and sellers. When flight departments are liquidating or expanding, OEMs are consolidating, groups are fire selling, or any scenario that will produce an opportunity, you need to know about these in a timely manner to take advantage of them. There is a whole other world out there of information and we invite you to take advantage of it.

Aircraft sales and aircraft acquisitions are no simple matter, and can be very costly if not done correctly. With 20 years of experience and exclusive access to aircraft worldwide, Jet Sense Aviation, LLC is uniquely positioned to help our clients by providing everything they need to make informed decisions when buying or selling aircraft for either private or business purposes. Jet Sense Aviation’s exceptionally trained and experienced team strives to make aircraft transactions as easy as possible for our clients, who can feel confident knowing its brokers understand first-hand the issues that can arise and how best to avoid or address them, particularly because they also have experience personally owning and operating aircraft.