Trust In Our Research

When you’re contemplating buying a new aircraft or selling one, you’ll have a lot of questions. At Jet Sense Aviation, LLC, we know that list of questions, and have a few more that we bet you’ve not thought of, too. You see, we really do immerse ourselves in this world, and when it comes time to move forward, you can rely on Jet Sense for qualified, intelligent information.

We strive to stay on top of the market. We are embedded in it every day, talking with our connections across the industry and getting trustworthy and candid information others may miss. This information from aircraft owners, reliable brokers and salespeople in the market and investing institutions comes together to help hone our recommendations. We are aircraft owners and operators, too! Through Jet Sense, you can get details and information that you just can’t find on your own.

Call us with your questions. There is no obligation or cost to have a conversation. Whatever your level of knowledge may be within the industry, count on us to be a resource that you can invest in. Our intelligent, active research and 35+ years of experience as a team ensures that we have the answers to your questions and can be a guide through the entire buying or selling process. Down to the finest details, put your trust in Jet Sense Aviation.

The importance and accuracy of the market information you bring to a sale process has been invaluable to me and my clients.
Steve Anderson
CEO, Elite Jet